Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Re-purposed and Re-tooled... or not?

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and an opportunity to give thanks for all the small blessings in your life. I spent mine with over thirty members of my family. Which always makes for a good time with lots of good food.

My goal was to come back from vacation with a new sense of purpose and direction for our wedding. Sadly, this goal was not accomplished. It was probably too much to hope for given that I flew over a thousand miles and drove another seven hundred over five days.

I feel a little bit like I have been sent back to the drawing board as it seems that our wedding guest list is closer to 200 than 150 (and 150 is the maximum our original venue could hold without a tent). So, we are back to the initial question: where o' where shall we hold this shindig. I would love to have the outdoors as a backdrop, because I think it would give us the most flexibility to achieve the wedding we both want. And it is beautiful just as it is. But, we need a rain plan. And a facility that will let us stay past dark and bring booze. This has proved a challenge. It doesn't look like we have a family member (whom we could ask to provide a space without feeling as though we were imposing) with a large enough house.

Eek! I cannot wait for this part of planning to be over so we can move on the fun stuff!