Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wedding Plan Draft #1

  • Colors: navy and green. (For the green I am thinking the color of a granny smith apple, not something too bright.)
    • Bridesmaids: navy dresses and green bouquets
    • Men--hmmm... I don't know, the below wedding would be too early for tuxes, so I guess we'd have to go with suits (I'll have to check with the honey on that one)
  • Schedule:
    • Wedding at 2pm (at the Church)
    • Reception 3:00 - 7:00 (location TBD)
      • Music (ipod or a small group)
      • Dancing
      • Dessert (I have a fun idea for a dessert buffet-I will share more later)
      • Passed hor d'oeurves
      • Bar with beer, wine, champagne and maybe a signature cocktail
    • Meet up with those that still want to party at a bar around 9/10

Does anyone who might be reading this have any thoughts? I was having a tough time sticking to my budget while doing something around dinner time. This idea seems to solve that problem. I am hoping there will be a little dancing (well hubby and I will for sure and me and my dad and he and his mom, plus, I can probably encourage my bridesmaids to get a little dancing underway).

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