Monday, November 24, 2008

I am a blog-addicted bride

I have never really been that into computers. I don't really visit youtube and before becoming engaged didn't have a list of certain blogs that I follow. Now, I most definitely do. Some days it is because work can be really boring. Most days its the only way that I maintain any kind of perspective. These are the blogs that I follow for inspiration, ideas, and sanity:

(1) Meg at is always so honest and makes you feel you have a good friend who is right by your side as you struggle through this craziness called planning a wedding. And trying to do it in a way that makes sense.

(2) Kathryn at Snippet & Ink who, as she advertises, provides daily inspiration. I haven't even looked at a bridal magazine in weeks.

(3) A ten thousand dollar wedding

(4) 2000 Dollar Wedding is a great resource for how a couple planned their day like they wanted on a very practical wedding by making every decision mindful of their goals. And, because our wedding is about what comes after--being married and making a life together, I enjoy her input on married life and just basically living mindfully.

And I owe all of these bloggers a big THANK YOU for helping me stay sane and be inspired.

This weekend I attempted a couple DIY projects--just making some prototypes. My perfectionist streak kicked in and I ended my weekend feeling kind of deflated. I think I've lost a little bit of purpose. Which sounds crazy--I'm only six weeks into wedding planning and I've already lost touch of my goals?!? Well, its just that picking a reception venue and beginning to interview caterers has left me realizing that there is just no way we can meet our target budget. Not without some serious re-thinking. We have tried thinking outside the box, but for various reasons (he wants dancing, his mother wants FOOD, we have many out-of-town guests, and we haven't figured out how to get our guest list below 125) that just isn't working for us. So, now we are spending more than we had originally planned and so I think I am feeling like a bit of a failure and can't quite see how my DIY projects fit in. We are planning to brainstorm this week while we are driving to and from Thanksgiving (6 hours each way). Now that we have more information about what to do. So, hopefully, post-vacation I will have a better idea of what we are doing and what I need to do next.

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Broke-ass Bride said...

Aye, the blog addiction is as dangerous as crack! You're reading great ones, though. My FI jokes that the computer is the 3rd party in our relationship now that we're planning :)