Friday, February 20, 2009


Wedding planning seems to highlight a lot of my negative personality traits. For instance, my perfectionist streak is constantly finding fault and making it impossible to make decisions in case something better lies around the next, undiscovered bend. Yeep! In the past four months, I have found wedding planning to be a stressful and not altogether fun process. Which is frustrating. It's my wedding. I am in love. Isn't this SUPPOSED to be fun?! Well, sometimes it isn't. But one thing that I have found that seems to help me get a little bit more enjoyment out of it is practicing being grateful. When I see beautiful weddings that I cannot have because my budget isn't big enough or because there just isn't time or because I'm just not that crafty, I get frustrated. But then I try to be grateful for what I do have. A wonderful fiance (even though I don't get to smooch him as often as I'd like because he's many many miles away). A budget lovinlgy and generously provided by our parents. A job. My health. My family. Especially in light of the economic turmoil swirling around that seems as though it could swallow me up at any moment, these things are actually what matter most. The wedding, be it good, bad, or ugly, simply cannot compete in terms of what really matters. And then I feel all better (well, mostly). And realize that whatever I decide will be okay. Even if I don't come up with the cutest self-designed and lovingly made invitations ever :)

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