Thursday, February 19, 2009

Second Try's a Charm?

I apologize for allowing my little blog here to languish without any new posts for over a month (not that I am apologizing to anyone but myself because I suspect I am the only way paying attention). But, nevertheless, I find other brides' blogs so useful and it is such a great way to keep track of whatever has tickled my fancy or sparked a thought for something that could work at our wedding. So, here goes my second try at blogging about my wedding-planning experience. Since I last updated this blog, we have made some fabulous progress on our wedding (though I suspect the knot would still label us as behind schedule).

I will post more details soon, but for now here is our DONE list:

  • Ceremony location
  • Reception venue
  • Photographer
  • Block of hotel rooms near the reception location reserved

Here are the next few items I think we will be completing soon:

  • Day of Coordinator
  • Band
  • Save the Dates
  • Wedding Website

Here are the things we need to do SOON SOON SOON, but are floundering with:

  • Wedding Dress!!!
  • Caterer

I will create some individual posts with more details on items that we have completed and are working on shortly. I hope that now that we are making forward progress, finding something to write about here (other than, I don't know what to do and cannot make a decision to save my life, eek!) will be a lot easier.

*image courtesy of etsy seller olivemac


Ten Thousand Only said...

the majors (in my opinion) are done. now it's on to the fun part. le details. that is, if you're into that sort of thing. *wink*

a mindful bride said...

Yes, the details... I'm totally "in" to them, just not sure I can actually figure out how to "do" them. :)