Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bridal Shower

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So, my sisters (my two Maids of Honor) are getting together this weekend and are planning my bridal shower. My sister sent me this question: what do you envision your shower to be like? Her suggestions were a quiant tea party, a spa gathering, a party at a chinese restaurant, a lingerie shower, a wine tasting. My answer: I have no frickin idea. What did you do for a shower? Or how was a shower that you attended and liked done?

Also, how did you handle inviting your fiance's family? Did you do a couple's shower? Did you have two showers? One for ladies and one with more family?
P.S. I know this picture has NOTHING to do with a bridal shower, but it is a bride (and her maids) ready for a (rain) shower, so I found it appropriate.


Color Me Green said...

oh god thinking about having a shower with family members, mine or his, besides my sisters, makes me shudder. so i guess that would be one wedding tradition i want none of. unless it's just me and my gal pals hanging out and drinking champagne.

A.Mountain.Bride said...

I've been to a couple of showers that were realllllly pretty and really nice. One was at a tea house (her's was really quite formal, and there was a dress code, and it was a little silly...but it was fun none the less). I like the one's I go to that are thrown by family at people's homes. There have always been the women from both sides of the family and all the brides friends/co-workers. A couple of awkward games are played so people get to know eachother...bride opens shit ton of presents...amazing food is it a day. I live far far away from my family and my friends are spread to the wind so I don't think a shower is even in my future (and I'm actually bummed...I love the women in my life and it would be such a fun way to spend an afternoon)