Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday is Here

I apologize for the lack of interesting or informative posts this week. My honey has been in town visiting (yay!), so we have been playing and relaxing and trying not to make ourselves crazy doing wedding stuff. That, plus I feel like I am stuck. I have three major items on my to do list right now, which despite spending hours on the internet and looking at zillions of options, I haven't been able to decide on: (1) a wedding gown and (2) invitations. That and we need to book our caterer (which I have just been avoiding because... gulp... they are so darn expensive and I keep hoping that I will have an epiphany or a little elf will whisper a wonderful cost-saving idea into my ear before we sign on the dotted line, alas, that hasn't happened yet). So, because I have just been spinning my wheels on the same things (and been distracted by my honey), my posting has been a little lackluster.

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