Thursday, April 30, 2009

Invitation Redux

We still have not ordered our invitations. Why? Because I am indecisive and we'll make a decision and the next morning I wake up less than enthusiastic about it. I know, its just a piece of paper people will throw away. But, I want it to be pretty. We already decided that we don't need a reception card--we are just going to put "reception to follow" on the invitation. Information and directions are on our website and we'll probably also add directions from the Church to the reception location in the program for good measure. Last night I think we decided to skip the response card as well and just advise people to "kindly reply" online at our website. This will save us money and allow us to get the very pretty invitations I have wanted all along. And it's good for the environment becuase we are using less paper that will just be discarded. Thoughts? Is the concept of sending invitations with no (zip, zero, zilch) enclosures insane?! Have we lost our mind?

P.S. I promise that my next invitation post will be titled "Invitations: Ordered!" (because otherwise I think I may have a very grouchy fiance on my hands--even his patience must wear thin at some point)

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elizabeth said...

Yay for no-enclosure invitations!!! Easier, cheaper, better for the environment. We're planning to do a single 5x7 card, that simply says 'reception to follow' or some such, and requests that people RSVP on our website. (Although I keep wavering on whether or not to include a directions card...) We're counting on the fact that 75% are young & internet savvy to save the day. I'm glad to we're not the only ones taking this route.

Can't wait to see "Invitations: Ordered"!