Friday, April 10, 2009


photo by darwin bell via mint

I definitely want paper lanterns for our reception--hanging from the porch and maybe also from the trees; probably in white maybe in pale green. So, when I saw that Luna Bazaar is offering Mint readers 20% off, I figured I should head over there and complete my lantern purchase. I mean, I am desperate for things I can actually GET DONE. But then I realized that I had no idea what size or type I needed. And because I live oh 500 miles from my reception location, I can't just pop over and check it out and measure the space between the columns or stare at the trees and figure out whether I want lanterns to hang from the trees and, if so, how many. Do I want simple ("no frills") ones or fancier ones? What's the difference? Do I want plain white or a mix of white and green? Or white, green, and blue? Seriously!? Is it really this hard to pick out lanterns? One more thing not checked off the list. (But, hey, at least I know where I'm ordering them from--that's progress, right?)

P.S. Are you using paper lanterns? What size? What type? Does it matter?


elizabeth said...

We're using lanterns. Much to my surprise, my fiance has strong feelings that they should be cylinder shaped, rather than round. I haven't seen many cylinder shaped ones... apparently, there's a Japanese shop in Mtn. View (CA), where they're really cheap, but I haven't been there to confirm for myself...
All this to say that the lantern question can be trickier than one would think!

a mindful bride said...

That's funny because when I discussed this with my fiance he was like, well round and I thought, well duh! of course... but clearly we had already narrowed it down and I didn't even know it!! He voted for all white to keep it simple.