Friday, June 12, 2009

Taking a Break from the Usually Scheduled Wedding Blogging to Bring You a Message from..

Planet Earth

Did you know that there is a giant vortex of waste (mostly plastic) floating in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and San Francisco? It is estimated that it is larger than the state of Texas and may even be larger than the United States!! Because plastic isn't biodegradeable, every piece of plastic that has ended up in the ocean is still there. As a result of currents, the plastic that doesn't sink has collected in this area in the Pacific Ocean. Over time it breaks up into smaller pieces that marine life mistakes for food. It ends up killing many of these animals and also gets into the food chain. And this plastic continent is growing everyday.

The good news, it looks like
Project Kaisei is doing something about it! But we could all do more by being more mindful about what we buy and remembering to take reusable bags with us to the store.

For more information about this growing threat to our planet, you can go
here, and here or just search plastic vortex pacific ocean in Google.

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