Friday, March 13, 2009


So, as I mentioned before, we still don't have a caterer (e.g., food, or tables and chairs, or glasses, or linens) for our wedding and we only have six months to go. We have had a comedy of errors in picking a venue and caterer that all stemmed from our burgeoning guest list. Apparently, many caterers who will cater events with 100-125 people will not cater events of 175-200 people. But, I talked to a new caterer yesterday and they seemed very nice. Although, I haven't received a proposal yet (over 24 hours later), so I hope I haven't scared her away with my desperation (ohmigosh i don't have a caterer! i need food! but we are working on a budget! please help! and make it cheap!). Oh well! I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping this will work out and we will have a caterer and I will feel much less stressed (well that and once we send out our Save the Dates and I find a dress and ....). At least it will be one more (big) item off the list. Plus, since this is our single biggest expense, I am hoping that after we see the damage, acknowledge it, sign for it, and pay a deposit I will be able to feel less bad about how much this is all costing (see, it's done, can't do anything about it).
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