Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Invitation Thought for my Honey

Honey, I think that you should head over to YeeHaw, a letterpress studio in Knoxville, TN that does wedding invitations. According to Good Mouse, Bad Mouse, they "love thowing things together for cheap." And, in case you needed further encouragement to check them out, I know you will love them because they made this sign:

By YeeHaw Industrial Letterpress via Good Mouse, Bad Mouse
P.S. Zombies are not a phenomena that particularly interests me, but they tickle/amuse/intrigue my honey. I must admit that part of what I like about our relationship is that I am able to enjoy or appreciate things in which I have no real interest merely because they mean something to him. That is, that in our sharing a life, I get to share in his quirky interests. And that just makes life more fun! I am the serious part of our relationship (although he does tend to wax philosophical from time to time) and I love that he embraces the whimsical and ridiculous in life. We help create balance for each other and, hopeful, in our life that we will build.


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

This sign is great.., and it's awesome you have "balance" in your relationship.

Have you ordered him the sign yet?

elizabeth said...

Too funny! I just ordered the zombie sign for my sweetie... he's the zombie, I'm the vampire (due to my late nights studying). Thanks for the tip!

Mouse said...

Yay! Zombies 4 evah.

sera said...

tee hee! can I hang this up at my photo booth?