Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Next Vendor: Day of Coordinator

So, of all the decisions that we have made about our wedding, the one that I feel most confident about is our choice of Day of Coordinator. We are using Kate Z. from Dettagli Weddings. We met with three different wedding coordinators (two specifically for DOC services) and Dettagli's prices were in the middle of what we considered. Katie, the owner, has been very professional, accomodating (i.e., she drove half an hour outside the city to meet with us), and responsive. Because I am not in Chicago, we haven't met with our actual DOC in person, but we did speak to her for about an hour and a half on the phone. And it was the first time that I felt really excited about the wedding; like, hey someone gets what we want to do and thinks we can actually make it happen. We are very excited and glad that we decided to cut back elsewhere in order to afford to put someone else in charge on our wedding day so that we (and our families) can truly appreciate all our hard work and effort (and money spent) and be truly present at our wedding.

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elizabeth said...

Great to read this! We've been toying with the idea of getting a day of coordinator... it would be nice to know that everything is under control.
btw, I enjoy your blog, and gave you a Lemonade Award over at mine