Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So, for our honeymoon, we are debating between Thailand and Europe. In Europe we would fly into Paris, then head to the South of France, over to Italy and then take a sailing trip around Greece. We are planning on going for three to four weeks because we will both be in between jobs and we figure that we should take advantage of the time off.

Europe: I have been advocating for Europe because I have never been (okay, I have but I was a baby and I don't remember so it doesn't count) and I have always imagined my honeymoon being the opportunity to travel in Europe for a while.

Thailand: My honey is advocating for this one because it is beautiful, cheap, and exotic. Plus, it makes sense to use a long vacation to go to a location that is more difficult to get to. We could always go to Europe for a week-long vacation, but that would be much harder with Thailand. And it is awfully picturesque:

And, while we are there, we can take a side trip to Cambodia, which is also pretty awesome.

So, I think we are leaning towards Thailand. I think I am persuaded that it will be cheaper (and I am the money worrier), so since we've decided to take such a long vacation going somewhere further away and less expensive makes more sense. Anyone have any thoughts on this one?

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