Monday, March 16, 2009

When we fight with the one we love

This is a picture of my honey over Thanksgiving--as you can tell, he was dressed for dinner but still downstairs hanging out playing video games with the kids. I love this picture. My sweetheart is not perfect (thank God!). He is a kid at heart, which means that he is fun and sweet and loving and trusting. But, he can also be, err... irresponsible. So, when I ask him to do wedding-related stuff, sometimes it doesn't get done on time without me checking in a couple times. Which is, annoying. Anyway, this combined with long distance and stress I've been under at work led to a pretty nasty fight on Saturday. Not fun. But, in the end we were able to talk about things that had been bothering us, so we, at least, got something productive out of it. I know that getting married will not fix any of the issues we have now and that we will have a whole new set of difficulties to deal with when we actually see each other every day. It's something we look forward to now, but my sweetie likes to tease that it won't take long before we are sick of each other and desperately trying to find out what happened to our alone time. I know we'll be okay if I keep in mind that what I love most about my future husband is also what drives me the most crazy. Oh! And to remember not to sweat the small stuff (and that it's mostly small stuff).

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Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Glad to hear you both made ammends..., how did I deal with a fiance that was irresponsible? Don't give him any responsibilities!!! It worked for me!

Best of luck and hang in there.